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Product Testing

Posted by Cristina S

Before a product is introduced into the market in the UK, companies always look for consumers who can help them with the product testing of their products to get their opinion.

Companies are willing to pay for your time and opinion since the feedback is what makes a company great. This task is always carried out by a hired market research company. Here is how you can become a product tester from home and get paid for it.

Sign up

The first thing you need to do to get free samples in UK is to sign up with market research product testing panels. These panels usually contact you by email once you are a member. They notify members of new product testing jobs. They will send the product to your home with instructions once you qualify for the product test.

Time frame

Once you are part of the free product testers team, the market research panel will give you a certain period of time (from a couple of days or weeks or sometimes even longer) to test the products. They will then send you an online survey or questionnaire after the testing period is over.

This is to give you the opportunity to say what you think about the product you tested. The survey is an important aspect to the manufacture or the company since it’s through the consumer feedback that the company will make marketing and other crucial business decisions.


After you complete your survey or questionnaire (which you do online normally), your participation and conduct throughout the entire process will be recorded and evaluated by the market research panel.

You will then get paid right away or cash out later when you feel like. You may also be fortunate to keep the product you tested (which is always the case). That’s how you can get paid from home by testing free products.


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